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Cuba Libre

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

The Cuba Libre is such a simple blend of 3 ingredients, which can be found in most homes, Rum, Cola and Lime. Which produces a tantalising and refreshing synergy of flavours.

This has resulted in the Cuba Libre being one of the most loved Cuban cocktails, alongside the Daiquiri, both of which were created around a similar time.

As the story goes, the Cuba Libre’s origins can be traced to 1900 and to a U.S. Army captain who was stationed in Havana during the Spanish-American War. He added Coca-Cola and a little lime juice to his rum and toasted his Cuban comrades by exclaiming, “Por Cuba Libre!” (“To a free Cuba!”). The drink, and the name, stuck.

Now let’s not overthink this, this drink has been enjoyed for over a century and as with any cocktail the only rule is, make your drink however you like to drink it! Choose your preferred Cola, grab your bottle of Soul, a lime and a handful of ice cubes then enjoy!

Cuba Libre


  • 50ml Welsh Soul Rum

  • 100ml Cola

  • ½ Lime (cut into wedges)

  • Ice


  1. Grab a Highball glass and fill it with ice and squeeze over the juice of one of your lime wedges. Add in the rum and cola then stir, garnish the glass with another lime wedge and pop the rest in the glass. Enjoy!

Give this Cocktail a try now!

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