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Welsh Soul STORY

Welsh Soul Rum is a premium, small-batch rum crafted in the heart of Wales. We are a team of passionate rum enthusiasts led by an acclaimed brand specialist who has spent 25 years in the industry, during this time he has aided in launching many products in global markets and Welsh Soul is the next success story. Our hand-selected team of experts here at Welsh Soul are confident that we have forged what will become one of Wales’ proudest exports and most loved drinks.


Since records began, there are tales shrouded in myth and legend of establishments enduring towering waves, stormy skies, and treacherous waters to sail rum from the Caribbean to the rugged West Wales coastlines. With Wales’ long history of rum in mind, the foundations of our brand were born.


The brand was designed to reach out to a niche clientele who wants to cut through all the nonsense and enjoy a truly great quality rum. The majority of rum we see on the shelves now a days doesn’t even meet the legal threshold of 37.5%, here at Welsh Soul we have created what can be legally classed as a rum and yet is still smooth and tasteful.


Welsh Soul has been beautifully crafted to be drank alone where you will experience the natural tastes of rum, with its underbelly of flavours and our signature black orange taste we are confident that you will enjoy every sip. If however, you enjoy your rum mixed it goes fantastic with juice and in our opinion makes the greatest rum and coke, we call it ‘’Soul & Coke!’’


At Welsh Soul, we are proud of our Welsh heritage and excited to share it with the world through our rum. We invite you to join us on our journey and experience the true taste of Wales with Welsh Soul Rum. Thank you for choosing Welsh Soul Rum. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.




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