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Hurricane Cocktail

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The Hurricane is a very boozy, super fruity and all-around fun cocktail. Named after the glass it is served in, the Hurricane was said to be created due to a surplus of rum.

In the 1940s, rum was easier to acquire than whiskey and other liquors due to the prohibition. Legend has it that a bar owner in New Orleans was looking for a way to sell his surplus rum, so he added it to a variety of tropical fruit juices. This resulted in the creation of the classic Hurricane Cocktail Recipe. The good time bar, Pat O’Brien’s continues to sling the cocktail in droves, selling more than half a million glasses every year at its New Orleans location.

This cocktail is an easy one to scale up and excellent for summer parties.

Serves 1


  • 50ml Welsh Soul Rum

  • 50ml White rum

  • 25ml - Orange Juice, fresh squeezed

  • 25ml - Lime Juice, fresh squeezed

  • 1 tbsp - Passion Fruit puree

  • 1 tbsp - Grenadine

  • 1 tbsp - Simple Syrup

  • Slice of orange and maraschino cherry, for garnish


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a shaker with ice.

  2. Shake and strain into an ice-filled Hurricane glass.

  3. Garnish if desired and Enjoy.

Give this Cocktail a try using our Welsh Spiced Rum now!

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